Tack and accessoires for model horses

I am very proud of my eagle saddle.

He already proved LSQ and even got champion ^.^

Everything about this dio with plow (except the collar) was made by me.

In past times, it was quite common to plow in such combinations, as the farmers often did not have much money and so had to use the dairy cow to plow ...

The following set was a commission:

Eagle Saddle Set #2

Oldtimer saddle set for Brio Sombra

A show set from my studio:
The horses of Christophe Hasta Luego at the Apassionata show wore some like this.

This harness was made for Yummi, because an old horse needs an old harness.


Also various halters have already been created - here is a selection:

Some various pieces by Bushy Tail Creations: